Dear Dr. Schummer,

Hope you are well. I am sorry that I didn’t get to thank you in person at the final meeting. The work that you and your center have done with C is just incredible. He is an absolutely changed child. We always knew he was an amazing kid and you brought that out in him. Since having begun neurofeedback in your office our family and home life has just become so happy and healthy. I am planning to send you a copy of C’s most recent (and 1st) report card for 2nd grade. It is so outstanding, we keep looking at it day after day! Just to soak it all in. C is so proud of himself as well. He’s glowing about his test scores and reading abilities. His confidence in school, about school, and while doing schoolwork has grown tremendously.

Our lives have completely changed and we have you to thank. So thank you, Dr. Schummer!

Hope you are enjoying your ease into retirement…and maybe our paths will cross again someday.


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